Playoff Challenge

by Demiera H.

After describing the pain of defeat last week, and suggesting that one of the things you do is get yourself a postseason fantasy team, I figured it would be a great idea to tell you about some of the options available.

What I didn’t expect was to find 5 unique places where you can draft your own fantasy football team in the postseason – I was expecting one or two, and was shocked to find that some of what I thought would be there, wasn’t. As it turns out, there’s a high demand for playoff challenges from people who simply had too much fun during the season and aren’t ready for things to be over. If that’s you, here are some places for you to consider hosting your postseason fantasy team:

NFL Playoff Challenge – This one offers you the chance to win tickets to next year’s Superbowl, should you beat out the millions of other people vying for the same prize. It’s a simple process: choose your players, and earn points. You can retain the same players week to week so long as they are still in the postseason, or you can switch around – it’s totally up to you. The NFL Playoff Challenge is free to play.

ESPN Gridiron Playoff Challenge – This is a bit different from the NFL, as it requires you to pick a certain number of positions while remaining under the salary cap. This adds a more “real world” feel to drafting, as you’ll have to make the same kinds of decisions coaches have to make. The prize for winning this competition is a $2,000 Best Buy gift card. The ESPN Gridiron Playoff Challenge is free to play. Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge – This one is more similar to the NFL challenge, with a few key differences: player selection locks a full hour before any of the games start, and a fee is required to play. The fees are tiered, and the prize you have a chance to win increases with each tier. If you don’t mind a buy-in, check this one out.

Masters Fantasy Football Leagues – This is also a paid league. The big positive to this league is that you don’t have to draft; all players that are playing at that time are available to you, and you can switch out from week to week. Like CBS Sports, this one features a tiered buy-in system but offers higher prizes and less competition to those who opt for the higher tier.

RealTime Fantasy Sports – This site is for the budding league commissioner in all of us. It allows you to buy the capacity to host up to 100 teams, with complete power over every single aspect of the league from points earned to tabulating additional wins and losses (cue evil laugh). It’s a $20 fee for the package of complete league domination.

Price was the biggest part of the decision I made to stick with the free leagues, but the paid leagues offer greater chances to win prizes and, if you’d like the opportunity to win some nice money by simply playing fantasy football, could be a great option for you.

Let me know, after the postseason starts, how it goes!

I also recognize that the fantasy season is not technically over yet. My league is now embarking on our Super Bowl, and many will conclude next week. If you are still fighting for the top spot, the BEST AND BRIGHTEST OF LUCK TO YOU!! I sincerely hope you hand it to the other teams and show everyone who is boss!

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